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The Elizabethan Review

he Elizabethan Review is a publisher of books, journals, and CDs focusing on the Elizabethan and Romantic periods. To examine our portfolio of books, see Reflections on the True Shakespeare, Such Fruits Out of Italy, The Odes of John Keats, Shakespeare’s Education, and The Lame Storyteller on this website for more information.

The Elizabethan Review (ISSN 1066-7059) is also the name of a semi-annual journal published from 1993 to 1999 in 13 issues totaling 930 pages. This history journal is now available on CD in searchable PDF format.

A peer-reviewed journal, The Elizabethan Review published research on the controversies of the period, from the century-old contention of the Shakespeare authorship to the wars of the Counter-Reformation. Our editorial embrace includes related Elizabethan topics as they evolved on the European Continent during the 16th and early 17th centuries, offering research and debate in the form of research papers, monographs, essays, notes and reviews of books and CDs.

As the first peer-reviewed journal to focus on the Shakespeare Authorship Issue, an increasingly relevant subject to scholars, the journal was cited in the most recent edition of The Winter's Tale published by Oxford University Press. Moreover, Gale Publishing has selected two articles which originally appeared in The Elizabethan Review for reprinting in their library textbook, English Literature 1300-1800 (April 2011). The articles are "Edward de Vere and the Psychology of Feudalism" by Charles Beauclerk (Autumn 1995) and "An Alternative Theory to the Oxford Cover-Up" by Richard Lester (Spring 1999).

More recently, articles in ER by Elliott Baker (“The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespeare Unfolded – and Abridged,” Spring 1993) and Gerald Downs (“A Reconsideration of Heywood’s Allusion to Shakespeare”, Fall 1993) have been selected by Layman Poupard Publishing for reprinting in their critical volume on Delia Bacon in 2015 and in their volume The Passionate Pilgrim in 2016.

The contents of the Elizabethan Review are indexed by the three leading bibliographies in the humanities: the MLA International Bibliography; the Bibliography of English Language and Literature by Cambridge University; and the World Shakespeare Bibliography by the Folger Shakespeare Library.

You can click on selections from previous issues of the journal (below), review a complete table of contents for all issues published, and place orders for the entire 930 pages of the Review's print run from 1993-1999 on CD.

An Encore for Shakespeare's Rare Italian Master, by Ross Duffin (Spring 1994)

The Twilight Lords: an Irish Chronicle
, by Alan Cheney (Spring 1995)

Lear's Cordelia, Oxford's Susan, and Manningham's Diary
, by Warren Hope (Autumn 1997)

The Abysm of Time: The Chronology of Shakespeare's Plays (first six pages of a 35 page monograph), by Peter Moore (Autumn 1997)

To order: Single copies of the CD are available for $35. To purchase, you may pay via PayPal, with major credit cards, or by check or money order (in US dollars). Libraries, universities and other organizations may submit purchase orders to the publisher for order fulfillment and invoicing.

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