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Editorial Board
The Elizabethan Review

Patrick Buckridge
Griffith University

Ross Duffin
Case Western Reserve University

Francis Edwards,
S.J., F.S.A., F. Hist. Soc.

Ernest Ferlita, S.J
.Loyola University, New Orleans

Warren Hope
Rosemont College

Jules Janick
Purdue University

Felicia Londré
University of Missouri

Anne E. Pluto
Lesley College

Dr. L. L. Ware
Lincoln's Inn, London

Gary B. Goldstein

stablished as a forum for both affiliated and independent scholars, ER assembled an editorial board of scholars in the United States, England and Australia with terminal degrees in their areas of expertise – including English, History, Horticulture, Music, Theater and Theology.  

Contributors to The Elizabethan Review include professors, poets, and actors, a colonel in the U.S. Army, a Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a member of the English nobility.

Major holdings of the print edition can be found at leading American universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Chicago; institutions of higher learning in Canada and Europe, such as McGill, Oxford, Cambridge, Ferrara and Goettingen universities, as well as public and private libraries throughout the United States.  

Below are the complete tables of contents for the print run of the journal, from 1993 through 1999.

Spring, 1993 
The Shakespeare Canon of Statutory Construction  Justice John Paul Stevens 
The Singing Swallow: Sir John Davies and Shakespeare  Warren Hope 
The Rare Italian Master and the Posture of 
Hermione in The Winter's Tale  Bette Talvacchia 
Shake-hyphen-speare  Colonel Peter R. Moore 
Concealed Poets  Warren Hope 
Did Shakespeare Read Dante in Italian?  Gary B. Goldstein
Autumn, 1993 
Thomas Nashe's The Unfortunate Traveler: 
Taming the Spirit of Discontent  James R. Keller 
A Reconsideration of Heywood's 
Allusion to Shakespeare  Gerald E. Downs 
A Statistical Approach to the Shakespeare Authorship Question C. Richard Desper and
Gary C. Vezzoli 
Montaigne's Essays: Mind Over Manner  Peter Sokolowski 
Queen Elizabeth's Secret Service  Francis Edwards, 
SJ, F. Hist. Soc.
Shakespeare's Missing Personality  Roger Stritmatter 
Mrs. Shakespeare  Warren Hope 
Books in Brief
Spring, 1994 
The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakespere 
Unfoldedand Abridged  Elliott Baker 
Death Put Off by Cunning and Forc'd Cause  David Chandler 
An Encore for Shakespeare's Rare Italian Master   Ross Duffin
Masterless Men: The Elizabethan Underworld  Warren Hope 
England's Secret Theatre: The Reckoning  Gary Goldstein
Autumn, 1994 
Sir Philip Sidney Satirized in Merry Wives of Windsor  Charles Vere, 
Earl of Burford
Bitter Fruit: Troilus and Cressida in 
Queen Elizabeth's Court Charles Boyle 
Kill, Kill, Kill  Peter Moore 
William Shakespeare: Why Was His 
True Identity Concealed?  Francis Edwards, 
SJ, F. Hist. Soc.
On The Meaning of "True Copy"  Robert Detobel 
Italian Drama in Shakespeare's Time  Felicia Londré 
Deciphering Elizabethan Fiction  Warren Hope 
The Shakespeare Conspiracy  Patrick Buckridge 
Spring, 1995 
Elizabethan Views of of the "Other": 
French, Spanish, and Russians in
Love's Labour's Lost  Felicia Londré 
The Queen's Hand in The Merchant of Venice  Elliott Baker 
Was William Byrd's "The Battell"
Composed for the Theatre?  Sally Mosher 
Allusions to Edmund Campion in
Twelfth Night  Richard Desper 
The Twilight Lords: An Irish Chronicle Alan Cheney
William Tyndale: A Biography  Warren Hope 
Writing and Reading in Early Modern England  Roger Stritmatter 
Greene's Groatsworth of Wit   David Chandler
Shakespeare, In Fact  Publius 
Shakespeare: Who Was He?  Gary Goldstein
Autumn, 1995 
The Lame Storyteller, Poor and Despised  Colonel Peter Moore 
What Are Shakespeare's Sonnets?  Warren Hope 
A Further Reconsideration of Heywood's Allusion   David Chandler
The Divisions Among the
English Catholics: 1580-1610  Francis Edwards,
SJ, F. Hist. Soc.
Edward de Vere and the Psychology of 
Feudalism  Charles Vere, 
Earl of Burford 
Who Was Joseph Hall's Labeo  Fred Manzo 
Biblical References in Shakespeare's Comedies  Roger Stritmatter 
The Man Who Was Shakespeare  Gary Goldstein
Spring, 1996 
Shakespeare, Shake-scene and the Clayton Loan  Diana Price 
Found: Shakespeare's Manuscript of Henry IV  John Baker 
Harold Bloom and His Discontents Warren Hope
Spring, 1997 
Shakespeare in Germany and Austria  Walter Klier 
Marston, Derby, and Shakespeare  Earl of Derby 
Plucking the Tudor Rose Charlton Ogburn, et al. 
A Debate:
The Authenticity of Edward Dering's Henry IV  Gerald Downs and 
John Baker 
Who Was Joyce's Shakespeare?  Gary Goldstein 
Why I'm Not an Oxfordian  David Kathman 
Sir Philip Sidney and the Circulation of Manuscripts  Warren Hope 
Shakespeare's Edward III  Daniel Wright
Alias Shakespeare  John Mucci
Autumn, 1997 
Final Thoughts on Sir Edward Dering's 
Manuscript of Henry IV  John Baker
Defending the Oxfordian Hypothesis  Christopher Dams et al
The Abysm of Time: the Chronology of 
Shakespeare's Plays  Colonel Peter Moore
Controversy Among Gentlemen  A.M. Challinor 
An Alternate Solution to the Funeral Elegy  Richard Desper 
The Dedication to Shakespeare's Sonnets  John Rollett 
Lear's Cordelia, Oxford's Susan, 
and Manningham's Diary  Warren Hope
Lady Macbeth's Curds and Whey  David Chandler
Spring, 1998 
A Poetic Tribute to Lady Susan Vere  Isabel Holden 
Elizabethan Handwriting and Education  Francis Edwards, 
SJ, F. Hist. Soc.
Occultist Influence on the Authorship Controversy  Roger Nyle Parisious 
Book Excerpt:
The Philosophy of the Plays of 
Shakespeare Unfolded  Delia Bacon 
(Ed. Elliott Baker) 
Why was Venus and Adonis Published?  Richard Lester
Autumn, 1998 
Shakespeare's Name  Richard Lester 
Christopher Hatton, Edward Dyer 
and the "First Adonis"  Patrick Buckridge 
The Use of Renaissance Dance 
In Shakespearean Productions  Leigh Ann Heil 
Iago Dilated: Delivering Time in Othello  Dean DeFino
Henry Peacham and the 1623 First Folio  Peter Dickson 
William Basse: Who Was He?  Warren Hope 
Postscript to the Tudor Rose Theory  Roger Parisious 
Book and Music Reviews: 
Rogues, Vagabonds and Sturdy Beggars  John Mucci
De Vere is Shakespeare  Peter Morton 
CD: Words and Music for Shakespeare's Theater  John Mucci
Spring, 1999 
From the Editor: 
New Discoveries & Theories  Gary Goldstein 
Robin Hood's Pennyworth: the 
DeVere-Harlackenden Lawsuits  Daphne Pearson
An Alternative Theory of the Oxford Cover-Up  Richard Lester
Hamlet's Transformation  Peter Usher 
The Latin Mottoes on the Title Page of 
Henry Peacham's Minerva Britanna  Noemi Magri 
Shakespeare's Little Hebrew  Gary Goldstein 
Book Reviews: 
The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets  Warren Hope
The Late Mr. Shakespeare  Micah Stern

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